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What is Brides of March?

The Seattle Brides of March is an annual pub crawl and antics in a chosen neighborhood of night clubs. Attendees don bridal gowns or other matrimonial outfits including groom suits, bridesmaids dresses or clergy attire. It’s the perfect opportunity to recycle your wife’s wedding gown from her previous marriage, to dress up as the bride you always dreamed about without the muss of a real wedding, or to just join a heretically eclectic crew of Seattle’s foremost partyers in formal wear.

Features include a “Best of Brides” costume contest, and most importantly—the big wedding ceremony to the new Groom of the Year. Divorcés of yesteryear have included George Washington at UW, the Firefighters of Pioneer Square, and Jimi Hendrix on Broadway.

If you’re old enough to enter a bar, can rally up an outfit, and understand the social graces of a pub crawl*, consider yourself invited!  We look forward to seeing you in your bridal best...or worst!
Be sure to also go to the Facebook event invitation to “accept” it, as well as to invite other friends.

*introduce yourself to the brides you haven’t yet met, be respectful of the other patrons in the bars we visit, be responsible for your booze consumption, and bring extra cash to tip the bartenders.

More about the roots of The Brides of March

The Brides of March started as an annual Cacophony Society event in San Francisco in March 1999. It was intended as a pun on the term Ides of March and a parody of weddings in western culture. The event, which began in 1999, is part pub crawl and part street theater, while wearing a thrift store wedding dress. Brides may be of any (!) gender, but the wearing of traditional white wedding dresses, or something resembling them, is the point of the event. In recent years there have been a greater number of gothic brides who wear black, alien brides and other variations on the theme. Like its Cacophony Society counterpart "Santarchy", the tradition has spread worldwide and now includes gatherings in Austin, Reno, Portland, Los Angeles, Seattle, London, and Japan, among others. (Adapted from Wikipedia)

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